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Organizations often grapple with the burden of legacy technology infrastructure, systems, tools, and the fixed costs associated with day-to-day operations. The fluctuating demands placed on production systems present an additional challenge for these organizations, as they significantly influence their ability to seize growth opportunities and simultaneously optimize costs. Sachith Info Solutions addresses the manual workload inherent in responding to dynamic business demands on technical operations by adopting a more extensive level of automation. This approach replaces the traditionally reactive nature of operations with a proactive one:

Automation at the Core

Sachith Info Solutions places a strong emphasis on comprehensive automation throughout the operations spectrum, starting from configuration and deployment to infrastructure provisioning and scaling. Horizontal scaling of services, coupled with automated infrastructure scaling through tools like Kubernetes, has allowed some of our clients to handle workloads that have increased by 2.8 times due to corresponding traffic in just three weeks, all without incurring additional human hours. Our belief in designing software systems for scalability from the outset, with well-defined enterprise architecture and ongoing benchmarking processes, has proven invaluable in this endeavor, saving time that would otherwise be spent on scaling efforts.

Intelligent Monitoring Systems and Service Desks

Sachith Info Solutions leverages log analytics by deriving insights from data generated by online transaction processing (OLTP) systems. This approach infuses intelligence into the system, enabling proactive identification of fault patterns using technology stacks like ELK. Consequently, this shifts the focus from human-dependent service desk management to the development of intelligence that automates the identification of faults proactively using data.

Site Reliability Engineering

Sachith Info Solutions harnesses strong feedback loops between various stakeholders in application development and technical operations through site reliability engineering processes to achieve a level of availability and reliability referred to as “four 9s.” Our agile methodologies build upon these feedback loops between application and operations teams, fostering a culture of continuous collaboration to reduce technical debt and enhance responsiveness to production reliability issues.