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Companies prioritize accelerating the introduction of new features and updates to swiftly adapt to market dynamics, enhance revenues, and gain a competitive edge. Ensuring consistent quality is a fundamental element of this endeavor, necessitating a “shift-left” mindset.

Shift-left Thinking
The concept of shift-left thinking revolves around early detection of issues and minimizing last-minute surprises within the software development life cycle. Sachith Info Soluitons has fully embraced this approach by taking a comprehensive view of software development and incorporating stakeholders such as Quality, DevOps, SRE, and Security from the outset, even during the design phase. This ensures that the product undergoes rigorous testing and qualification, thereby reducing the gap between application development, quality validation, and production deployment. Notably, this approach has resulted in reduced chaos and coordination challenges later in the cycle, fostering higher levels of collaboration and ownership. Tools like Cucumber for Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) have effectively complemented shift-left thinking by promoting alignment between development, quality teams, and product managers.

Automation for Expedited Product Releases and Enhanced Quality Assurance At Sachith Info Solutions, test automation has proven to be nearly a universal remedy and one of the high-return initiatives that a client’s CTO can confidently rely on to enhance delivery outcomes and agility. Test automation aligns seamlessly with the shift-left approach, as automation experts get involved early in the cycle, simultaneously developing test suites alongside the development process. Sachith Info Solution’s experience demonstrates that automation not only ensures feature test sign-off during the QA phase but is also crucial for maintaining quality when the feature is released to production. Beyond its role in quality assurance, automation significantly accelerates time to production by improving regression confidence and reducing regression testing time.

Sachith Info Solution’s innovative approach to staffing automation teams involves having some developers within the agile pod take turns as test automation engineers. This approach has substantially improved the quality of test automation as well.