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Java Training Prerequisites :

Java it is an Object oriented Programming Language. It is platform independent, secure and Multi is used to develop software and applications.A Java program Can run Various operating Systems. With this Java Training you will able to understand the all concepts clearly.

Objectives of Java Training

Who can learn this course

Java Training Duration : 4 Months

Java Training Content :

Basic Core Java

New Features JAVASE 6 & J2SE 5.0

 Java 7 New Features

Introduction to JAVA

FAQ’s and SCJP Exam Oriented Concepts

Advanced Java

Course Highlights

JDBC 4.0

Servlets 3.0

JSP 2.2

RMI-Remote Method Ivocation

J2EE Introduction J2EE Architecture,Comparison between J2EE&.NET,J2EE Application development roles.

EJB – Enterprise Java Beans

EJB 2.0

EJB 2.1

EJB 3.0

EJB 3.1

JTS/JTA-JavaTransaction Service / Java Transaction API

JNDI-Java Naming & Directory Interface

JAAS (Java Authentication and Authorization Service)

JMS 1.1 (Java Messaging Service)

Java Mail 1.3

XML (extensible markup Language)


JAXP 1.2 (Java API for XML Parsing)

Web Services

J2EE Design Patterns